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Grain Pusher

The Murray Grain Pusher is designed to push grain considerably higher than is possible with a standard grain bucket. It consists of a blade which is attached to a long box section frame with Tractor ‘Loader or Telescopic Handler mounting brackets at the opposite end.

Potato Box Tippler

The Murray Potato Box Tippler is a heavy-duty attachment capable of tipping 1 ton capacity potato boxes through a full 360 degrees to the right of left. Top and side arms are provided for locating the box in a position during the tipping operation, the side arm can be positioned on the right or left and both are adjustable to suit varying box dimensions. Drive is positioned by a low speed high torque hydraulic motor and transmission via a three quarter inch pitch duplex chain drive to the axle of the tippler. The axle revolves in large phosphor bronze bushes with grease lubrication.

Gravel Road Grader

The Murray Gravel Road Grader is designed to level out any gravel road that has fallen into disrepair, by levelling off the high spots on the road and filling in the low spots. it is possible to adjust the camber on the grader so that the road can be left high in the middle to allow the rain water to run off. The grader is fitted with three point linkage brackets so that it can be pulled by any medium to high powered tractor.

Log Grab

The Murray Log Grab is a ruggedly constructed frame with two fixed bottom legs and a two leg top grab hinged at the top of the back frame. The grab is activated by two double acting hydraulic cylinders. The shape of the bottom and top legs allows the grab to squeeze logs of various sizes. The log grab can be fitted to any tractor loader or telescopic handler.