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Forks & Grabs

The Murray Muck Fork range is manufactured to suit from the smallest tractor loader right up to the largest telescopic handler.

They are all well constructed from heavy duty box section to create a rigid frame, the bottom member is fitted with full width tapered sockets to suit the Heavy Duty Kvemeland type fines used.

Muck Forks can be supplied with a fully enclosed back or with “see through” back. Depending on the customers particular requirements, a full range of fixing brackets are available to fit most tractor loaders, fork-lifts and telescopic handlers.

Muck Fork -Top Grab

The Murray Top Grab further enhances the purpose of the Murray Muck Fork. Its construction consists of a standard Muck Fork with a top grab fitted. The top grab consists of a rigid box selection frame, which is pivoted on the top frame of the Muck Fork. Several curved tines are fitted into tapered sockets on the outer frame of the top grab. Two hydraulic cylinders activate the grab. This combination leads to a very versatile implement with a multitude of uses around the farm.